Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What are the Chances?

Nathan is in 5th grade. It's a right of passage to participate in the annual science fair when you reach the ripe old grade of five. Yep. Right. Of. Passage. Actually, it's an assignment, but I think kids kind of look forward to it because it makes them feel older.

Carp helped out this year with Nathan's project. It was a thing of beauty. I love that man. After much deliberation, Nathan decided to do a project on the probability of dice rolling. He decided to roll the dice 1,000 times to see what number was the most common roll. He used a white die and a brown die. After 1,000 rolls he added up how many times each number was rolled.

Conclusion - I will always bet on 7. It's the most common number rolled. Though, I am more impressed with snake eyes than I ever have been. It's the least common number rolled. So, I'm going with 7 because it comfortable, but I'm more taken with 2 because it's a surprise when it shows itself.

Great job Nathan!