Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just get giddy . . .

Yep, I get giddy over the silliest things. I know it. I own it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I is coming out in November and I can't wait! I am GIDDY with excitement! Yeah, so is Carson. I love that my son totally shares in my crazy reading habits. Gabby is just starting the series. I bet she has the series read before part II of the Deathly Hallows is released next July. Oh man! Do I really have to wait until July? Silver lining - I can read the entire series again before the final movie installment is out. I can deal. I can deal. I can deal. I'll deal.

Watch the trailer here:

Watch another clip here:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wasatch Back Ragnar 2010


This past weekend I ran in the Wasatch Back Ragnar from Logan to Park City, Utah. I love running Ragnars! It's more than a good run . . . it's an experience!

If you remember my explanation of the Ragnar I ran in Las Vegas, you get 12 crazy runners together to each run 3 legs of a long distance race. The race starts on Friday and ends on Saturday. That's right, you get to run through the night! That's where their motto of "Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat." comes from. Notice the question mark after sleep. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Team 454 - "Save Our Soles" - Chieko, Brenda, Dena, Alexis, Jamie (back), Annette, Ruth (back), Kellie, Libby (back), Melanie, Wendy (back), and Tifany.

We divided up into two vehicles and ran the entire race with those in our respective van cheering us on and handing us water whenever we were on the road running.

Alexis Geist, Annette Green, and Chieko Bramhall.

These three AWESOME gals where in my van. It's funny how none of them knew each other before we started. There's something about running without sleep, sweating like crazy to bring your team closer to the finish line, and lots of laughs that will make you friends for life. Like I said, it's the experience!

Brenda Dobry and Myself.

There were two BIG differences between running the Wasatch Back and running Las Vegas.

1. Overall, the race was more challenging.

2. The scenery was far superior in Utah.

Our lack of sleep was not because we didn't try! We got showers at a high school and made an attempt at getting some ZZZZZ's on the high school field. Yeah, we got some rest, but most of us didn't get sleep.

Note: My favorite memory of this race was when we were all packing up our stuff at the high school to start our middle of the night run . Someone asked if anyone had gotten any sleep. Most of us mumble a "no." Out of nowhere Chieko said, "I think I did. I saw Sponge Bob." I think we were all ready to run after that laugh session.

Libby, Annette and Alexis waiting at exchange 30.

During the Las Vegas Ragnar I was in Van 1. When our last gal ran, we were done until the last runner of Van 2 was ready to cross the finish line. This time I was in Van 2. We stayed on the road following our runner up until she was just out from the finish line. Between the two, I think I prefer Van 1. It's nice to have your part over early. However, I liked the legs I had to run in this race and wouldn't change how it all went down.

There are some peculiar sights out there on a Ragnar run. This guy was one of 12 fellas running in short shorts or speedos. Yes, I did a double take. It just ain't natural to run in a speedo. And check out his poofy wig and gigantic ear phones. That had to be HOT!

Each team has a name and many runners had added accessories to their running gear to reflect those names. Here are some of my favorite names I saw on vans during the race:

"We ARRRR Pirates Out Chasin" Booty"

"Damn Soles in Distress"

"Off Like a Prom Dress"

"CTR - Choose the Ragnar"

"Duh Agony of Duh Feet"

"Run, Run as Fast as You Can" (They dressed up as a gingerbread man and handed out gumdrops at the exchanges.)

Thing 1- (Van 1)
Thing 2 - (Van 2)

"If You Can Read This . . . NOW You are in Last Place."

"Legs, Breast and Wings" (The runners wore fairy wings)

"Gu Gu Dolls"

"The Chafers"

"Walking Wonders" (They decorated their white vans with red, yellow and blue dots)


"U.F.O - Unusually Fast Offspring"

"The Fit, the Fat, and the Fossil"

"F.A.R.T. - Fastest Army Ragnar Team"

"12 Running Mega Hurts"

"Victorious Secret"

"Bling it On!" (They wore lots of bling while running)


"Scrambled Eggs and Achin'"

"Another Long Distance Relationship"

"We're on the Highway to Hell"

"There is no I in Team and no F in Way"

"Go Business Socks. It's Business Time" (See Flight of the Concords on Youtube)

We had white Life Savers in baggies with a note from "Save Our Soles" on it to hand out. We would drive by cars and Libby would chuck one in an open window so runners could enjoy the treat. She made everyone of her throws except one landed on the hood of a car. When I did it I hit runners in the head or hit their cars and the treat landed on the ground. Moral of the story - don't trust my throwing ability in a tight spot. I might give you or someone you love brain damage.

Alexis spraying Libby as she slowed down for a drink during her first run.

Libby and Alexis

We had a great system going. When a runner was out, the van would go ahead of her, pull over and we would walk across the road to wait for her (with our bright orange safety flag, of course.) One person would offer her water, another would sprayer her with water, and the last would grab her water when she was done. Chieko was the self designated photographer of the van so she only got in these pictures when she was running.

Libby, Brenda and Annette

So, check out the scenery in this picture. Did I mention it totally rocked over Vegas? It was like this throughout all the runs. Even when we ran in town, the people came out to cheer us on. So many of these home in the rural areas of Utah are beautiful.

Chieko running with support from her team.

Chieko, Alexis, Wendy, Brenda and Melanie.

Melanie, Brenda, Alexis, Jamie, Tifany and Chieko

We only got to see the other half of our team at major exchanges to hand off the wrist band to the other van full of runners. It was very uplifting to see that they were having as much fun as we were. I so wish we could follow them on their runs too! Again, check out the scenery.

Running (and power walking) "Ragnar Hill." I loved being sprayed with that water!

I actually like to run hills. I know that sounds crazy, but I like the challenge. However, just because I like it doesn't mean I'm fast at it. My last leg was known as "Ragnar Hill." It started on Brenda's leg and I got to finish it on mine. On my leg alone I gained over 1600 ft. in 4 miles. It was my favorite run! It was my favorite run because I did it with a gal I met on the trail named Lisa. We talked the whole time so it went by fast and I totally enjoyed it!

With our medals - (front) Chieko, Annette, Dena, Melanie, Me, Tifany and Alexis. (back) Libby, Wendy, Jamie and Brenda. Ruth had to leave before our team got in.

The race ended at the Canyons Resort in Park City. We all waited for Chieko to come in so we could run up the ramp with her. All the teams did this. It was fun to see everyone there at the same time. Afterwards, we went to dinner in Midway.

Chieko, Kellie and Brenda

Believe it or not, I already signed up to do the Las Vegas Ragnar again. You see, there is a "Saints and Sinners" medal I want real bad. If I run both races in the same year I'll get it. So, come October I will be in Las Vegas running through the night with a bunch of friends again. I can't wait!