Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dance Festival - Hooray!

Somethings just never get old to me. The giddiness I feel when I buy a tasty smoothie just for me. The look of coordinating fabric stacked together. Time by myself. AHHHHHHH.

There are activities in the school I can pretty much count on every year. I like the class parties, field trips (yes, I said I like them) and the end of the year mantra of field day, plays and performances. Mostly, I look forward to Dance Fesitval. I love to watch all the little kids get try to find their groove while the older kids totally think they have it. I twas not disappointed this year.

Who stands out the most in this picture? Right smack in the middle are Shelby and Nate. This was taken when the kids where coming down to the field.

Gabby's grade did the "ABC, 123" song.

Nathan's grade did the "Cha-Cha Slide."

Sammy was lovin' all the music and dancing. She did her own little show for those sitting by us.

Gabby and Nathan

I just love the sunglasses on Shelby!

I look forward to next year! This is always a highlight of the school experience.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Friends

As much as I love to look at pictures of my kids, I kind of think it's a good idea to change the pictures now and then. Yep. I'm a flake. I really don't have a great reason to have let my blog slide. Sorry. Will catch up. Like I said, flake.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Yeah - kids out of school, husband off work . . . kind of fun. We had some friends over for food and good conversation. AND we had lots of food. Here are some pictures to check out~

I know I already mentioned the food. I just feel the need to explain why the food is so important. The yum factor plays an important part of a day that I plan on having company. I just love the idea of eating yummy food with others that can appreciate it as much as I do. So - thanks to the Sederholms and the Merryweathers for providing and enjoying the feast with us. A special thanks to Carp for making this gorgeous dutch oven teriyaki chicken. Oh yeah, it was good!
Carp and Cameron.

Nathanael and Cyndi Sederholm. I have to think twice when I write the first name of all of the Sederholms. They spell their names beautifully, but I initially want to spell them Nathaniel, Cindy, and Karl.
Carl (Carl Daddy as Sammy affectionately calls him) and Sam.
Lanette Lagerstrom
Nathan and Shelby playing leapfrog. I can guarantee life is never dull with these two around.

Seth relaxing.

The birthday boy! Nicholas Alexander Merryweather. It's just to impressive NOT to type that name. Love it.

Merryweathers and Mellotts - practically one in the same.

One of the best things about kids birthdays is how they react to their presents. I was too busy laughing and having fun watching Nick open his gifts to remember to take anymore pictures. You'll just have to check out Tammy's blog to get those. They are priceless.

There you have it. I blogged! I will try to post stuff that has been going on since March and keep up on whats happening now.