Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter - Real Winter

It's been a long spell since we've had an actual winter - the kind in which it's cold and the snow actually stays around into February. It's a blessing.

However, I don't like snow.

Okay, there are nice things about snow. Snow is pretty to watch falling from the sky. I love how snow dresses trees and shubs up - don't they look lovely in white? Also, there is something serene about untouched snow in my yard. I love how clean and pristine it looks. A part of me kind of cringes when the kids tromp on it. I enjoy the sparkle affect the sun makes when it bounces off a blanket of snow. And let's not forget snowflakes. How cool are they?!?!

BUT - Snow is cold. I can enjoy all of the above as long as I am warmly nestled into a quilt in my front room, in a heated home with new energy efficient windows. No, I don't ski. Yes, I've tried it and I really don't enjoy it. No, I don't snowshoe (though I did get a pair of snowshoes from Carp for Christmas one year.) I don't like to walk in it, play in it, DRIVE in it, or stand in it. Yet, this years snow is a blessing.

A blessing of snow. The snow we have received will help water my lawn and garden this spring and summer. It will help others do the same. It will help us keep beautiful yards and healthy gardens. I just have to keep reminding my self of this fact. Therefore, snow is the price we pay in winter for our enjoyment in summer.

I just wish it wasn't so cold.

My kids don't seem to mind it. A couple weeks ago they split into teams and made snow forts. Afterward, they had a snowball fight. Now, why can't I just do something like that? Find the good in it. Well, it's cold.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great Pics

Remember when I wrote about my friend Erin receiving a camera from her hubby just before I returned in August from my Hawaiian Adventure? Well, she moved nearby and has gone crazy learning about all the techniques of photography. She has completely emursed herself into the hobby. Actually, she has a wild passion about it! She takes pictures of everything under the sun and of things most would never give a second glance. The time she has spent trying to refine her technique and skills could make anyone a good photographer. However, she is not just a good photographer, she is FANTASTIC. She is EXTRAORDINARY. She is GIFTED!!!!!! That is what makes her photography better than good - she has an incredible gift to see things differently - from a different angle. She's got talent out the wazoo! After checking out these pictures of my family (taken in October under the distress of having a 2 year old to deal with) check out her blog to see more updated photos at . She just has fun and I love it!

Nathan Pinewood Derby


Nathan is a Wolf scout working on earning his Bear. His scout group had their Pinewood Derby last month.

Nathan received the award for the "Most Creative" car - and creative it was. He called it the T-Bug.
To make his T-Bug, Nathan spray painted his car orange (of course, his favorite color ever!) Then he drew blue dots all over it followed by legs and antennas. Finally, he glued googley eyes on the front to make it look like a bug. He is a big insect lover and has fondly earned the name T-Bug in our house. So - he named his car after himself. Love you Nate!

Nathan and his scout buddies.

Christmas 2007

Christmas Day

Here are a few more pictures of Chrismas I want to share. We have several Christmas traditions. When the kids wake up (early, of course) they meet on our bed to go through their sockings. They have special stocking that their Mom Mom Herr made for them.

We went our into our living room where the Christmas tree was lit and watched all the presents get unveiled - or in my house, ripped opened. The kids got a combined gift from Santa - the Wii. I have to admit, it's a pretty nifty thing. We had a bowling tournament a few weeks ago. Everyone kick my butt, but it was fun!

My friend Lanette (Aunt Lanette) usually spends the night on Christmas Eve so she can be here for all the excitement. We all opened out gifts and thanked each other.

I made a "man quilt" for Carp this year. While his mom was visiting for Carson's Eagle Court of Honor she and I went to a quilt shop in search of a quilt idea for her to make for John. The quilt store had just pulled this out of the dryer and was getting ready to display it. Mom surprised me by purchasing two of the kits when she was checking out - one for her to make for John and one for me to make for Carp. So - this was a gift from Carp's mom and me.

We enjoyed a Christmas breakfast (another tradition) followed by the traditional Christmas dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Sampson and Grandma Robertson were able to share our dinner this year along with Lanette. I just love having company to eat with. Company equals laughter - I always welcome that!

We were tight on money this year and the kids never complained. They got the one gift from santa (BIG gift) and some clothes and smaller things from us. They received lots from Grandparents and friends - they had plenty!

Carson and Nathan went out after dinner to shoot some of the targets they got. It was a wonderful, white Christmas that will always be rememebered fondly. I am grateful for the blessing of family and friends.

Christmas 2007

Christmas Eve
I know everyone else is doing a post about their "Valentine's Day Experience" but I don't want my, um, laziness to get in the way of sharing pics of Christmas. Please bear with me - I just need to get caught up!

My sister and brother, Jenny and Sean with Sean's wife MaryJane.

We had dinner at my brother Sean's house. When ever two or more in our family gather, there will be food. That's our family motto. That and the topic of S-E-X always seems to come up. Not a bad combination. This admission will problably help my friends understand me a little more!

My Grandma Robertson recently moved closer to the rest of us. This was the first Christmas in a long time she was able to be at one of our "Christmas Gatherings." We are happy to have you here!

One of the best things about Christmas get togethers is that all the cousins get to see each other. Everyone gets along and enjoys each others company. The ages of my siblings are pretty close. The oldest is 3 years older than me and the youngest is 2 years younger. As a result, we have a lot of kids that are the same age.

It's not just that the kids get to see each other - I get to see the kids and how much they have grown too! They are all so good looking!

My beautiful neice Rachel and her good lookin' beau Brenden.

At Thanksgiving we all got to meet Brenden - soon to be part of our family. He and Rachel announced their engagement. A May wedding - YEAH!!!!!!!!

We all ate until we were full and then hung around chatting and laughing. I really am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Sure, we have our differences and occasional drama. However, I wouldn't change what I have for anything else. I love them all.

My sisters Jenny and Katie, me, and my Mom Dottie.

With prompting from my Dad (the weather started acting up outside) we quickly exchanged our gifts and had a last few laughs before we vacated Sean's home to prepare for the following big day. Blessing - my family.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Carson Receives Eagle Rank

I know - I haven't posted anything for over 5 months. Slacker - yes, I admit it. However, I am going to get caught up.

Carson is an Eagle Scout

At a Court of Honor held on November 11th, 2007, Carson received his Eagle Rank.

Mom Mom and Pop Pop Herr were able to fly out and attend the Court of Honor along with Grandma and Grandpa Sampson and Grandma Robertson. Carson was surrounded by many friends and family all of whom supported and helped him on his way to achieving the Eagle Scout rank.

We are incredibly proud of him. He did a great job on his Eagle project and has some impressive goals for his future. Great job Carson!