Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nathan's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan turned 9 years old this past week. He asked for a video game and a bike lock for his birthday - pretty easy kid to please. Oh yeah, he also got some orange gum. This is important because orange is the most fabulous color Nathan's eyes have ever seen. He wears orange almost everyday. I vowed this year I would not buy him any orange clothes because I have discovered there is such thing as too much orange! So, Nate got a nice shirt to get his pictures taken in.
He also received lots of cashola and orange candy from the Merryweathers and his primary teacher.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan Receives his Wolf Badge

While I was in Hawaii Nathan received his Wolf Badge in Cub Scouts. He worked hard to pass off a variety of requirements like keeping track of his chores to learning important numbers for emergencies. He is now working on his Bear badge. Great Job Nathan!

Nathan receives his Wolf Badge and pin.

Nathan sitting with his friends at pack meeting in the Porter's backyard.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Harvest Time!

Here we are, the end of another growing season. I look so forward to this time of year, yet dread it at the same time.

We have been blessed with a bountious garden this year. Our neighbors are probably getting sick of cucumbers, sqaush and tomatoes.

Last week I cleared out the onions and picked lots of green beans, peppers, sqaush and tomatoes to share.

This weekend we tackled the tomatoes. We enlisted out kids to pick tomatoes and greenbeans. We set up outside to prep for spaghetti sauce. Next, I moved the show inside to prep for salsa.

The total work from yesterday amounted to 14 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 27 pints of salsa (HOT!!), 6 quarts of tomatoes and lots of dried tomatoes.

We have already put up beets, green beans, sqaush and jams - not to mention all the fresh produce we have consumed this summer. Yes, it's a lot of work. However, it is a labor of love.

Those that know Carp well know that he is a man of many breads. Carp made Bialys today for us to enjoy. They are scrumptious. They are kind of like a bagel with onions, poppy seeds and olive oil on them. Ahhhhhh, drool!