Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

I always get mixed emotions when it comes to school getting out and school starting again. On one hand, I like having my kids home. I don't have to run around as much and well, I kind of like the little buggers. On the other hand, familiarity breeds contention among siblings and the arguments and fighting can get really annoying.

Also, I'm not nearly as busy when school is out. But I crave consistency and a schedule. Though the older kids would argue with me, I think they need the same thing. Either way, school started up again this week. YES!!! Well, maybe I do have a preference. It's nice to have kids in school. Sammy is the only one that is hanging with me during the day. Love it!

Seth was the first to start. The 7th graders go a day early so they can get familiar with the school and how things work without all the big 8th and 9th graders around. Seth really enjoyed his first day.

Carson left this morning with his best friend Brian. They usually walk or ride bikes - at least until it gets too crazy weather wise and then I drive them. Gosh, there is such a difference between 7th and 9th grade kids. They get so huge!!!!

Nathan and Gabby took off an hour later for elementary school. I walked them down and took pictures. I don't get to do that with the older ones anymore. :(

They have very nice teachers and are excited for school to be in session again. It's so great to have a school with good teachers. Good luck kids!