Monday, August 30, 2010

Dean Winchester

Carp asked me over and over what I wanted for my birthday this month. I finally came up with something comforting, fun, warm and sweet to the core.

Meet Dean Winchester, my border collie mix that I picked up at the Animal Shelter almost a month ago. He was the runt of three puppies and I absolutely fell in love with him because he was quiet and sweet while his brothers where loud and bossy. When one of them saw me looking closely at Dean he grabbed him by the ear and pulled him away so he could sit where Dean was. I just felt so bad for him being picked on and all. So, we adopted him.

We named him Dean Winchester after my favorite character on the T.V. show Supernatural.

He is a sweet little guy. He sits at my feet when I am on the computer. He sleeps by my bed at night. I just love him!

He is about 5 1/2 months old. He will be a mid sized dog when he is done growing.
Dean fits in great with our family. He is good with the kids and very playful. We are so happy to have him!


Ella said...

cute Puppy! I never took you for the doggie type!

JoMamma said...

That is a great birthday present. He is so cute.